Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters (Page 028)

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Untold Tales of Bigfoot: Ghosts and Monsters page 2028

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Nertz! Now Dan’s got photographic proof of Bigfoot! Scout probably dropped the photo when he was rifling through the bag for the camera. NOT THAT I’M LAYING BLAME! But that means the Spottin’ Sasquatch crew’s hunt for Bigfoot is probably just getting started. And what about Bigfoot and Scout’s quest? Even if Scout can piece together that map from memory….where will it take them? What will they find? And will they get very far before the Spottin’ Sasquatch tv crew exposes them to the world?

Find out all the answers when I come back from break. If you think of Ghosts and Monsters as a four-or- five issue comic series, this marks the end of the first 28-page issue. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll start up the next issue, but if you sign up for the mailing list you’ll get the alert emailed to you. Or, you know, just wait until you hear the buzz around the watercooloer from all the people you work with: Did you see Untold Tales of Bigfoot is back? Can you believe what’s going on in the story? If this comic isn’t turned into a movie I’ll lose all faith in humanity!

Haverford Kids Comic Fest


I have some business to take care of in the Philly area this Spring, so I thought during that trip I’d drive fifteen miles up the road and grab a table at the Haverford Kids Comic Fest on May 18th. This is a sweet, simple, 5-hour-long celebration of comics that focuses on getting kids together with creators over a shared appreciation of comics. There’ll be panels and workshops, coloring pages and an art contest…even a raffle. I know some other creators who’ll be there (Pat McCuen, Crispin Wood), and we’ll all be happy to say hi if you stop by. I think they’re still updating the website, but you can find out a little more about the Haverford Kids Comic Fest at this link.

A sincere thanks to those of you who have left nice reviews over at GoodReads for the first book. I really appreciate that. I hope you’re enjoying this story so far. There’s gonna be plenty of action when the story resumes. See you soon! -v





7 Responses

  1. Aw man. Just when you think they’re out of danger, up pops the million dollar photo!

    • Yeah, initially it was just going to be a footprint or some other “questionable” evidence, RG, but I figured dropping the photo of Big and Michael would be a deeper hole to climb out of, and therefore more fun for everyone. -v

  2. I will see you in Haverford in May, Vince!

  3. Not much to build a show on, skeptics will say the photo is of someone in a BF suit. Hope they do go out on a limb with it and get canceled during your hiatus!

    • Yeah, truthfully the easiest path to follow would be getting Spottin’ Sasquatch cancelled. Then the guys can move back home. I fear that’s not how things will shake out. -v

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